About Us

    Australia didn't really need another shoe retailer, but Hype DC never intended to be just another shoe retailer. Hype DC was different from the beginning. Inspired by a Holiday in Europe, Danny and Cindy (DC) opened the first Hype DC in Mosman on July 1, 1998. An already crowded footwear market was shaken up with the arrival of the store fast known as the spot for "Short run. Limited edition shoes".

    Hype DC is all about the shoes. We quite literally search the globe for brands and shoes that no other store sells. Then we buy a wide variety in small quantities because we understand that a big part of having a new pair of shoes is knowing that you won't see your shoes everywhere. Much like an art gallery, our shoes are displayed with care like pieces of art.

    With over 50 stores across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and our online store, Hype DC is reaching sneaker heads to fashionistas all over Australia.

    We're more passionate than we've ever been about finding short run, limited edition shoes - and getting them to you first.