Kanye West has laid out some sick rhymes and slick beats over the years, and when I first heard Jesus Walks, I was amazed anyone could rap about God without coming across like a crazy man. For me this kind of sums him up. He’s all about unexpected decisions followed through with unbreakable commitment. Like touring with U2, or cracking up at the MTV awards. You can’t deny the man has confidence, he probably should have won that award anyway.

But seriously, what is up with 808s & Heartbreak.I get that it’s a concept record but all that vocoder and auto-tune makes me wonder if it may have all gone to his head. Hey, it’s tough being a genius (trust me) and following up Graduation would be enough to make anyone crack a little. So, for his old stuff, his collabs with Daft Punk, his haircut which reminds us of Full Force Family, and for the next record which will probably be amazing, we’re giving Yeezy the coveted Hype rating.

Hype rating: 4/5