Ted here is blazing a path across America getting in and out of as much trouble as he can along the way. This is him checking in from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

Been in Philly for the last week. It’s a great, philthy place and the people are wonderful! I saw the Liberty Bell and went to Independence Hall where they signed The Declaration Of Independence. I’ve probably gained twenty kilos from eating all the Philly-centric food. The Cheese Steak is burning a hole in my stomach I’m eating so many. It’s basically a long roll with chopped beef and fried onions lathered in cheese sauce. Pure beauty. I went to the Art Museum and ran up the Rocky step, you know. Just doin’ all the touristy stuff before we split. I saw the Dead Milkmen do a reunion at the First Unitarian Church last night as well. That was wild, those guys are old! Well, I hope this post card finds you healthy and looking slim and fit for me when I return.
Love you brother,

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