Times must be getting pretty tough when Nintendo Wii launches a game that lets players pretend to be employed. From Konami (the guys who brought you Street Fighter 2), Job Island features 50 job based mini-games ranging from camera man to cook. To play, you wiggle, jab, shake or twist your controller to perform the job at hand. Other less practical occupations include deep sea explorer and bodybuilder, but the least inviting of the positions offered in the game is definitely that of cow milker. But as they say, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to pretend to do it.

This all brings to mind the thousands of unemployed men who are currently living in tiny internet booths all across Japan. Known as Net Café Refugees, they have been forced to rent out booths as small as 2x2metres in which to eat, sleep, look for work and otherwise wait for their money to run out.

Geez Konami, thanks for bad buzzing us with your stupid new game.