After a couple of weeks of bad weather, we can pretty much tell you for sure that Seasonal Adjustment Disorder is the real deal.

Getting up in the dark and then going home in the dark is making us all pretty darn emo. Plus, our legs are cold all day long. What the crap happened to summer? Remember that week where it seemed like we’d never stop sweating?

We digress.

To cut a long essay short, because let’s face it, we’re all too depressed to read or write, here is a list of our S.A.D symptoms for last week:
- Ronnie came to work in slippers twice
- Chris has the sniffles
- Rachel smells like deep heat all the time
- Ronnie’s addicted to lemsip
- Rachel almost cried because her sandwich was “too cold”
- Chris rejected the offer of free beer in favour of watching reality tv

Enough said.

Rating: 4/5