We’ve talked about retro shoes in the past but even we were surprised when we found out the the inspiration for the latest brand to hit HypeDC was born somewhere around the year 3300 B.C.
To make an incredibly long story short, these sweet new Oetzi 3300 kicks are based on the footwear found on none other than the Oetzi iceman. For those of you who don’t know (it’s ok, we didn’t either) the Oetzi iceman is a guy who died over 5,000 years ago whose body was preserved in a alpine glacier. Found by climbers in 1991, Oetzi was so well intact that even his shoes were in relatively good nick.
From those auspicious beginnings, the Oetzi 3300 range combines simple, functional design with a focus on environmental sustainability. Available in a spectrum of colours and finishes, our favourite feature is the anti-microbial cork sole that gradually molds to the shape of your feet, preserving them as it were, throughout your everyday adventures.
Oetzi 3300 is in stores from today. Get in quick. They’ve been waiting a long time.