These super limited Puma UBIQ 700s hits our Pitt Street store this Saturday, and if they even half live up to their namesake, things could get rowdy. Named after the infamous ‘Level 700′ of Philadelphia’s Veteran’s Stadium, these sweet kicks pay homage to Philly’s intense sports fanaticism. Basically, Level 700 was where you’d watch Eagles or Phillies games if you didn’t mind a drink or a fight. In fact, city cops got so tired of hauling drunks from the stadium to the police station that Veteran’s Stadium eventually installed its own courtroom. Crazy huh?

Anyway, as you can see, these are dope. Available in Philly team colours and peppered with subtle references to the historic stadium (which no longer hosts major events) the Puma UBIQ collaborations bridge the gap between sports fans and sneaker aficionados.

Please note, we only have 12 pairs in each colour way. And at just $220 a pair, they won’t be hanging around.