In 2003, a Hollywood hopeful by the name of Tommy Wiseau released his self written, self produced and self directed dramatic thriller “The Room”. The film, which he also starred in, was to be a platform for his acting skills, a tense, fiery melodrama along to introduce his brooding talent to the world. Unfortunately for Tommy, it was awful. It was like the Titanic, but the actual ship rather than the film. Audiences were rolling in the isles, crying with laughter. Critics labeled it the “Citizen Kane of bad movies” or “a mixture of Tennessee Williams, Ed Wood, and R-Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet”. Always eager to find the brightside, the film’s distributor (you guessed it, also Tommy Wiseau) began billing it as a black comedy, insisting he meant for it to be funny all along. Gotta respect his persistence.
We took ourselves down to the local Arthouse on the weekend to see if it lived up to the hype. It totally did. We highly recommend you check it out. Here’s the trailer.