Kobe Bryant has built a stellar career out of a quick first step and a very handy crossover. In this new photo shoot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, he’s making another impressive crossover – into hipster credibility. Already a huge mainstream personality, Bryant hams it up with Richardson (or T-Bone) who is known for his no frills, highly sexual work. The results are pretty good, don’t you think?
Before we go, here are some interesting Kobe factoids:
- Kobe is one of the most successful players to join the NBA straight from high school
- Growing up in Europe, where his father played pro-ball, Kobe learned to speak fluent Spanish and Italian
- This also lead to him being a pretty decent soccer player
- Kobe has broken with a longstanding Bball tradition by playing in low cut sneakers instead of hi-tops
- He stands to earn over US$23 million this year