Shoe lovers, and shoe sharers; this couple of sneaker lovers have a taste for designer kicks and each are wearing rare brands at different ends of the price scale.

The elegant and stylish white hi tops are 2009 Dior boots. The wearer of these shoes only wears monochrome sneakers and was drawn to their simplicity and great style. A few high end sneaker wearers have been tossing up getting these or 2010 Lanvin Hi Tops, and in my opinion these boots win hands down due to their reserved, clean and contemporary style.

The 2nd pair are from a Chinese brand called Feiyue (which means Flying Forward). The brand make a great range of retro style shoes and keep an eye out for their great 2010 range which has some fantastic styles and colourways including this signature style, the Feiyue Lo (as seen above).

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