Last night, I came home from uni exhausted. So what do we do when we come home and are totally tired? We go on Youtube, and type in random stuff we’re interested in, and then go on some epic trail.
So it just happened that yesterday, I felt like investigating about Charlies Manson. I watched some documentaries on him and felt ambivalent towards him. On the one hand, he never gives a straight answer and is a murderer. But on another hand, he kind of seems like a cool kind of guy. He plays the guitar, writes his own songs, he’s seen a lot, experienced a lot, and sounds really intelligent.
But in this video, he kind of scared me a bit. His face seems like it was made out of plasticine or some shit. It had to be to be able to morph into those radically exaggerated expressions.
And what did he mean when he says that he’s nobody? Pretty sure a nobody couldn’t have organised the mass killings of a few dozen people.
Anyway, he says a whole bunch of other weird stuff in the interviews that he’s done. He also has a tendency to get up and wave his arms about like one of those blow up sculptures that are always near car dealerships.