Higher Arc is a new magazine that some freakishly talented and discerning friends are conspiring to put out later this year. From all reports, the content is blistering hot, covering bleeding edge design, high end fashion, art that makes you think and music that doesn’t suck. Basically, the Higher Arc kids want to make the magazine that they would like to read, and judging from their amazing taste in pretty much everything, we’re certain the rest of us are gagging for it too.

To help get this show on the road, they’re throwing a fundraising gig at the Grace Darling Hotel in Melbourne this Friday night. For a measly $10, you’ll be treated to live performances by Electrical Smile Band, The Promise Land, Roman Wafers, Negativ Magick, and Michael Ozone of Mind Fractals fame. So get on a higher plane of cultural existence and come along.