I don’t know if you’re a musician but if you’ve ever recorded a record or E.P, you’ll know that it can be an incredibly long and tedious process. The drums have to be set and reset before each track in just the right way. The DIs and patches always fritz out at the wrong moment and having to play the same songs over and over and over again until the producer is happy can take the joy and magic out of even your most favourite piece of music.
That’s why this is so cool. It’s called Beck’s Music Club, and at first we thought it was another one of these brand collaborations. Happily, it’s not Becks the beer but Beck Hansen. Basically, Mr. Hansen invites a bunch of his musical friends over to make a record in a day. There are no rehearsals, minimal messing around, and the results are amazing. Still, with the calibre of friends at Beck’s disposal, this is no surprise. From Fiest and St. Vincent to Jamie Liddel and Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, this is not your average garage band. Check out these videos. You’ll see what we mean.