The night of the Volley product night. A slightly nervous Jazz Bonifacio (Volley footwear designer) stands in front of an unruley bunch of Hype DC kids stuffing their faces with delicious, fancy pizzas washed down with fruity pineapple mocktails. The room dims to a light murmur as Bonifacio tells the humble tale of the Volley.

Murmur turns to silence as Bonifacio, in a glorious Lion King Rafiki like display, raises a Glad snap-lock bag. Inside its unbreakable freshness lock a pair of the most OG Volleys known to man. Its canvas and sole discoloured from it’s years buried in the Dunlop archives. Story time continues with Bonifacio’s recount of the reconstruction of the Volley O.C.

Check out the range here and relive our story time with Jazz Bonifacio below.