Hanging Out

As the summer says goodbye, I’ve noticed a lot of people just ‘hanging around’ and savouring every last drop of sun and warmth before it all goes grey, cold and wintery. I’ve been looking at what hanging out means to different people around Sydney and here are a few of my fave shots.

George St, Sydney
This guy was hanging out one Saturday afternoon just watching the world go by waiting for friends (I guess?). Had a strange shape and the light was kind of cool, and I liked the fact that the only distinguishing feature was the detailing on his All Stars.

Bondi Beach
It isn’t just people that hang out, look at these bikes. If you like fixie bikes, stunning views and symmetry then this is the shot for you. I liked the yin and yang of the 2 bikes against each other.

Surry Hills, Sydney
This shop owner was catching some rays while waiting for customers in his Gourmet kicks, a new LA brand that have just landed in Sydney.

Hyde Park, Sydney
Hanging out for Hoops means skating and checking out chicks. He’s a cool guy and he loves his Vans Eras, the only kicks he wears.

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