It’s been a contrast of action and calm over the past few weeks as my sneaker spots have ranged from the dynamic, to the tranquil. I’ve found some great shoes, and some fascinating people, here are my picks of the last few weeks.
The skater in action in the picture above is called Hamish. He’s sponsored by adidas Skatboarding, and says he loves their shoes because they combine comfort with retro designs. He will only wear one shoe though; the classic Ciero, and with each pair only lasting a few weeks, it’s worth checking some of the inner-Sydney vintage stores as that’s where his near-new shoes go after only a couple of wears.

Oxford Street, Sydney
This retro Vans wearing commuter was clearly in a hurry if his speedy getaway from the traffic lights was anything to go by.

Hyde Park, Sydney
Hoops is mates with Hamish (see above), and loves to skate in the middle of Sydney due to the great views of the city, and the hot chicks that walk past. He’s a Vans man, and loves Era’s of all colours.

Hyde Park, Sydney
This chilled Korean air stewaress is used to spending her working life in shoes, so loves to touch the ground so she can slip into the style and comfort of her beloved All Stars, the only sneaker she ever wears.

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