Over the past few week’s I’ve been searching for eye-catching sneaker style, and while the girls have been rocking some great looks, the guys are falling apart. Below are images and stories from my recent fave finds.

Bonjour Marie
Marie is from Paris, and is currently travelling around the world, and we met one sunny day in Bondi Beach.
She picked up these Converse All Stars on her travels, and loves to use them to punctuate her timeless feminine look with some sneaker style. She radiated sunshine with an ever present smile, and a style that gives Sydney some Parisian chic with an urban twist.

Lovely Laura
Laura is a receptionist I met when I was recently invited to shoot an exclusive fashion preview in Paddington, Sydney.
Laura loves sneakers, and after spending most of her sneaker-loving life in Cons and Vans, these shoes provided a life-changing moment as they lured her towards the world of Nike!
The shoes are a few years old, but she treats very, very well to keep them as fresh and fly as they were the day she picked them up.
Laura also allowed me to shoot her story on video, so keep an eye on www.idigyoursoleman.com to check it out next week!

Living Rough, Looking Good
Bjorn and Emily are currently in Sydney at the end of an 18 month holiday from their home in Scandinavia.
The only have 3 weeks of their trip left but are on a shoestring budget and are seeing out there time in Oz by living in a car (which must be bloody cold in the middle of the Sydney winter!), but despite their limited means, they are both still hitting the streets with eye-catching style.
Emily rocks a fantastic look that she tops off with some bright red Cons, while Bjorn…well, I’m slightly worried his shoes won’t make it to the end of their trip. He’s a keen skater who has abused his shoes to the point that it’s hard to tell if there’s more sneaker of Shoe Goo left!

So there you go guys, the gauntlet has been laid – can you outshine the girls over the next couple of weeks. I will be watching!