You know when people go to China and are really surprised it’s not a huge, pulsing, Blade Runner fantasy? That despite its rural majority, the fact that they make iPods should be enough to ensure a technological wet dream. Well my face sure is red, because it turns out those ignorant chumps were totally right. In one case at least.

Although he grew up on a farm, robot enthusiast Wu Yulu has been tinkering with robots since his 20s. Despite only having a primary school education, and being hassled nonstop by his village for his futuristic hobby, he is now the proud owner of a collection of 34 robots. It’s kind of hard to not assume he is building some kind of army to defeat all the haters, but he insists they all have a practical function. Some serve tea, others pull rickshaws, just be sure you tell him you like his work before he builds one to crush skulls.