As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been spending some time in Melbourne, a city that I love for it’s culture, style and love for urban style!
There is a commonly held belief that Melbourne’s style is all about wearing black, so while we skirted around some of my top shots from the city in my last post, here are some of the stories that got me buzzing as I got to meet some great peeps, and unearth the stories behind their eye-catching looks, and love for sneakers.

Say hello to Mafia. Mafia is a DJ, Writer for Sneaker Freaker, Actress, Photographer and more…she is the colourful pulse of Melbourne’s urban scene and has been a great champion of I Dig Your Sole Man since we kicked things off in ’09, so it was great to finally meet to chat, catch up, and take these shots. You can check out all you need to know about Mafia right here and while these shots give you a great insight into her unique style we’ve already started talking about taking the next step, and (hopefully) cracking open her 300+ pair fly sneaker collection when I visit Melbourne next time!

This sneaker lover’s girlfriend put herself straight into the good books by taking care of his sneaker needs when she purchased these green All Stars as a present to replace an old pair of overly worn Cons. These shoes could be making some significant steps as their owner embarks on some global traveling before embarking on a career in theatre/acting – remember this face!

Troy is a devout animal lover who displays his passion for animal welfare on his sleeve…around his waist, and on his feet.
Troy is vegan, and this lifestyle choice covers everything from what he eats, to what he wears and in this outfit he is wearing a leather imitation jacket and belt, and perhaps of most interest these Adidas Vegan Hi Tops. He picked the shoes up from the Adidas Originals store in New York, and loves the fact that they are ethically made in all facets, even including their wicker insoles. Oreo is one lucky pooch and has every reason to look happy.