Sole Digger is back in Sydney, and with the sun out, he’s finding lots of shoe savvy subjects to survey. Read on.

New New Balance; Sydney

New Balance have a cult following that sees loyal followers coming back to the brand time after time for their classic stylings.
It seems that people love the wholesome values of this brand whose ability to turn out timeless casual shoes is effortless.
This NB lover was delighted to show off his new 373s; a classic shoe that works well with the preppy look he was wearing on this day.

Good Cause; Sydney

Like many people, Ivan has to wear smart clothes for work, leaving his sneaker collection as something of a treat for the weekends and days off.
He does a fantastic job of working in Child Welfare which sees him taking care of kids at work, but in his own time he spends the same dedication and devotion on also taking care of his sneaker collection.
Among his 10 pairs are these 2002 Adidas Micropacer 3s, a real timeless classic of a shoe and despite some wear and tear they still have plenty of life left in them.

Viva Kawasaki; Sydney

This cosmopolitan sneaker find took place in Sydney, Australia, while the subject was on holiday from her home in Rome, Italy, wearing shoes from Denmark.
Unfortunately she didn’t speak any English, and my Italian is so bad that didn’t help, but the universal language of sneakers came to the rescue.
She clearly loves her sportswear judging by the Nike jacket, and has a purists taste for sneakers with the cleanly designed eco-brand Kawasaki. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but after doing some research online – thanks Sneaker Freaker!) I am impressed with Kawasaki’s work in Producing classic looking kicks, with an admirable eco-friendly business model.