I was lucky enough to spend some time in Melbourne recently and over the coming week’s I’ll be sharing my fave finds, sights and stories with you.

Up first is Stan, an sneaker lover who won’t sacrifice comfort when he looks for style.
As an ex-skater he loves the Nike SB line, and specifically these great Eric Koston skate shoes. A shoe heavily influenced by the iconic Bruin, Koston also added some design detailing of his own which includes a Lunar insole which all up gives Stan the comfort and style he has been craving. These are his first Koston’s and he swears they won’t be his last!


Toby is a skater and graphic designer who only moved to Melbourne in 2011. As you can see he has something of an individual look and feels right at home in his new location.

He embraces the edgier side of urban style which is reflected in his skate influenced clothing and heavy inking, which he caps off with Vans.

It’s amazing the range of people that go for this brand – from skaters to everyday people there can’t be many brands that attract such a diverse following and although their styles are worlds apart the shoes look just as natural on Toby as they do on Tom who I focused on recently (see here).


James (left), Junior (middle) and Chris (right) are all members of Melbourne’s HIT’M Krumping crew. HIT’M is a collective designed to spread the word about Krumping, and without realising it the guys are also spreading the word about some serious sneaker loving too.

James is a Nike die-hard, and even works for the brand at one of their Melbourne stores. However, when it came to picking up some shoes recently he decided to mix things up when he saw a great deal for some red hot A Lifes.

Junior is another Nike fan whose collection is split between Air Max and Jordan shoes.

Chris’s Air Flights are his favourite shoes from his collection and only wears them rarely. He picked them up from a Melbourne market where they were being sold without the owner knowing their true value, so he hussled and got them for a knockdown price.

All up, they were great guys and if their dance moves are as fresh as their shoes I’m sure they will go far!

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