Just Another (JA) is a management agency quickly becoming known within creative circles as a company fiercely dedicated to supporting, encouraging and providing opportunities for some of
the industry’s best creative talent.
Covering not only the scope of artist representation but also curation, event management, publication and apparel, Just Another is all a-buzz with artists whose work, more often than not, skirts the edge of the commercial mainstream. They hook up their Illustrators, designers, street and fine artists with commercial work and non-commercial projects, run events and exhibitions, and offer advice to emerging artists.
Over the last three years Just Another has skilfully cultivated a select breed of internationally recognised talent that has collected cult status both at home and abroad.

What lead you to setup JA?
JA: Just Another is the evolution of a gallery that my ex-partner Melika Davies and I started upon moving to Melbourne in 2007. 696 Gallery was developed as an avenue to support, encourage, nurture and provide opportunities for emerging and established artists by providing a free, low commission based space. After running 696 for three years we decided to close, taking the elements that we loved and drove us, and transformed that into the agency as it stands today.
How do you select your artists?
The main criteria in getting selected as a Just Another Artist are individuality and personality. I don’t have a particular style or aesthetic. I represent illustrators and fine artists to stencil and graffiti artists and believe my artists are some of the best in their field, but they are all different and unique, and each stands alone. That’s what I look for in choosing artists: one that, although surrounded by other talent, stands alone.
How do clients come to you?
The agency has been very fortunate in the sense that word of mouth has had a large part to play in our success. I like to think that the events we put on make an impression and leave people wanting more. However, in saying that, websites and online marketing including social media is the way of the future. Having as many different profiles showcasing what we do along with examples is a great way for the agency to continue to grow its client base. Sites like The Loop, Behance, Australian Infront and LinkedIn have always been a great help. I’m also very fortunate as my artists are also in demand and bring with them interest from clients separate to the agency.
What’s the creative landscape in Australia looking like from your perspective?
It’s relative. It depends on what part of the creative scene you are currently looking at. I think that everything goes in waves and while street art and graffiti is a strong focal point in our current landscape I believe it will continue to grow and progress into another style/form soon. I think in Australia we are very lucky. We have some incredible talent and some incredible support to back it up. I feel as though our country supports the creative industry and individual thought to a large degree.

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