For an unlikely entry into the latest summer trends, the adilette slide from adidas Originals (in its most simplest form, a slip-on sandal) has combined with the trefoil tube sock to create a comfortable and unique look dubbed, Socks & Slides. A look that for a long time, has graced the catwalks of high-fashion and occasionally the travelling tourist, but in this contemporary streetwear revival, the complete look and feel has been relaxed. There's something very easy in being able to enjoy the wearability and look of a sandal in the comfort of a tube sock.

Originally introduced in 1972, the adilette slide has been collecting dust in the adidas archive for many years. However, recently it was finally thawed in the summer sun and is now ready to make a return. The adilette was initially designed to provide off-pitch relief for athletes and consequently their travelling fans. In the football culture indigenous to the adidas Originals legacy, the slip-on maintained a level of wearability along with the leisure suits and tracksuits of that era. As a nod to the re-emergence of such, it's not a surprise the adilette has found itself amongst the socks & slides phenomenon.

In a basic rubber outsole for traction with a polyurethane moulded footbed, the adilette has a sturdy synthetic strap that withstands the heat and moisture equivalent to that of a summer beach trip. Available in a heritage adiBlue or classic black, the adilette delivers a versatility that would be fine post-workout or for just hanging poolside - probably what it intended.

Buy the adilette HERE and slide into some adidas history (socks not included)!