We've written alot about timeless and classic footwear on this blog, particularly the signature adidas model of a certain American tennis player named Stan Smith circa 1970. Dominating the feet of those in the know, it's curious to log its current status. In examining the phenomenon of its appeal is to address what it is that draws the masses and crowds to a simple leather cup-sole sneaker.

Simplicity is tightly entwined with iconography. The Simplicity of the Stan Smith stems from its grass-court roots, where all-lawn tennis clubs had strict rules on attire and swag. Premising only the slightest flash of colour (unlike the All-England Club) Stan Smith's 'Fairway' Green Heel Tab and accent was a masterstroke in trivial flair. The overall minimalism of the shoe, its' leather upper, perforated Three Stripes and Signature tongue Call-out equals an easy proposition to the consumer. Predominantly white, affordable and widely accessible and visible, it's a no- brainer for staple footwear rotations.

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