The greatest cultural icon from the Trefoil - The Superstar - has made a triumphant return to the fold, as 2015 christens the shoe with the three stripes from adidas. It's hard to fathom that a somewhat entry level basketball shoe in 1969 would go on to break the mould of its shell toe existence and extend beyond the hardcourts of old into the realm of iconography. Of course it's genesis took great leaps in the hands of RUN DMC in 1983, a kick-start that made the shoe relevant, current and desirable while announcing adidas to North America, where all the elements of the trefoil were rhymed and dined.

Originally the first full leather basketball shoe, the original Superstar was the low toprider takedown of the prodigious Pro Model of 1969. It's plastic shell toe and non-marking outsole grip were all trademarks of the day and that signature, ribbed toe cover remains to this day. It's back in 2015 with an essential take on it's testament- to it's simplicity. Akin to the recent Stan Smith revival and portrayal, the Superstar is next in line to grace the catwalks, the streets and the hardcourts once more.

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