I Am Max, Hear Me Roar

Release Details

Release Date: Saturday 17th March
Where to buy: Pitt St Mall (NSW), QVM (VIC) & Online
Price: $229.95 AUD
Sizes: Men's US 7-14 (half sizes included, no 8.5)

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the original "Beast" Air Max 1. In fact, its nickname is already a mistake as officially the 2006 release was named the "Animal Pack". The word Supreme gets thrown around a lot in relation to this release but some depth of research reveals this is actually a tier of quality rather than any collaboration with a NY skate brand.

There are also a number of unreleased samples with different fur uppers and midsole treatments, notably featuring more pink. Interestingly, it emerges that a black furred edition should be chosen as the same-same but different retro release of the Beast.

Atmos were the architects of the first release, and this time they also claim responsibility for this reissue.

As a re-release of a mid 2000s colourway, it comes as no surprise that the design elements are reflective of the decade in which they were created. Copious amounts of what can only be horse hair forms the upper, with each panel representing a different animal. A cursory glance can identify cheetah (or is it leopard?), zebra and tiger. The white fur on the original has been replaced with an equally contrasting black instead.

A red Swoosh surprisingly offers the greatest contrast on the upper, breaking through the clashing patterns. The sandy terry towelled lining returns as a welcome addition. Another feature retained from the OG is the green visible Air unit, though this time the bag itself is coloured rather than the internal structure.

Gum outsoles often make a good shoe great. In this case, the gum sole immensely enhances the furry direction of the shoe, plus provides a tonality to the rest of the colourway.

Much like the animals represented on the upper, these shoes face a brisk extinction.

The Air Max 1 Animal Pack 2.0 is an extremely limited release coming to Hype DC. Priced at $229.95 and coming in mens US sizes 7-14 (half sizes included, no 8.5), they will be available at an unspecified time via a direct link on our Twitter page (@HypeDC) and at the following stores (please note amended opening times for this release):

  • Pitt St Mall (NSW): 8:00 A.M. AEDT
  • QVM (VIC): 8:30 A.M. AEDT
  • Nike Air Max 1 Animal

    Nike Air Max 1 Animal