It’s hard to think about Nike without the illustrious Air Max franchise bubbling your brain. Introduced in 1977, encapsulated Air breathed new life into the architecture of footwear design. A pivotal modification came in 1987 with the Air Max 1 - the first shoe to showcase visible Air. From the 270 degrees of Air seen in the Air Max 93, to dual blow-molded tooling of the Air Max 95, and finally full-length Air in the Air Max 97, the progression has not only accelerated toward unbound, visible Air, but attracted a cult following in the making. For this reason, the function of Air can sometimes be forgotten.

Enter the Air Vapormax. The apex of Air Max innovation. Nothing to hide and everything to give.

An intricate machine, the Vapormax Air unit is comprised of 39,000 parts – more than a high-powered car engine. Advancements in technology allow the fluid Vapormax Air unit to act as one stand-alone sole. A story of weight and waste is told through the design. Eradicating the need for a midsole or outsole, the process is streamlined and thus maximises sustainability at all points of production.

The Vapormax is the pinnacle of Air. Married with a Flyknit upper, the offering is nothing short of the truth - a radical reinvention of Air. The most breathable, lightest and comfortable form yet, and above all, undeniably performance led. Paying homage to the archives of the Swoosh, numerous colour’s have been appropriated onto the Vapormax. Top notch designers and established sneaker houses have used the Vapormax as their canvas creating some of the most desired collaborations to date.

No stranger to the chopping block, Nike have cut and fused the Vapormax tooling onto numerous heritage icons, frequently forming even greater outcomes. Take the Vapormax Plus - two highly sophisticated machines, tuned together, spawning a seamless prodigy. The Vapormax has even graced the foundations of the Air Max 97. With plenty more to explore, we can only wonder what Nike will unveil next.



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