When people think of typical 25th Anniversary gifts, the thought of Silver and the ilk comes to mind. However, the lads over at UK retailer, size?, have dug a little deeper and uncovered more accoutrements within a regal and timeless premise. Behold, a customary bloom, the Iris and gemstone, the Tsarvorite. Both have been used to colour the evergreen Gel Lyte III from Japan's ASICS Tiger, which celebrates 25 years of GEL support and split tongue ingenuity.

The 'Iris' and 'Tsarvorite' colourways of the Gel Lyte III enlist premium applications and details that befit the titles, with rich colour palettes bringing out the raw beauty of the Gel Lyte III's design. The delicate bloom of the Iris is rendered here in a buttery pig-skin suede with deep purple and lavender hues. Tied together with bright yellow accents, the material details include leather lining, perforated vamps and salient 3M details. As should be explained to any newcomers, 3M hits and Gel Lyte IIIs go together like McCartney and Lennon. The 'Tsarvorite' is prime example of this. Commissioning the same supple pig-skin suede in grey, the 'Tsarvorite' renders its quarter and upper half in 3M overlays with familiar perorations. Bright and sheer with a subtle hit of green on the leather lining, the 'Tsarvorite' is arguable the shining light from this celebratory duo.

You can shop the size? x ASICS Gel Lyte III collection in-store, from select stores and online