The return of the Converse One Star

In keeping with the centenary of the iconic All Star, Converse is bringing back another shoe that in nostalgic memory defined a generation: the One Star.

Simple, strong branding of literally one star centred between stripes, the low-cut One Star nodded to symbolic Americana and originally came in seven bold colours.

Touted as an updated version of the All Star in 1974, the basketball-intended One Star featured an all suede upper and did away with the rubber toe cap. They were even advertised alongside accompanying Wigwam socks for the complete rosewood kit. Made and aimed at all-ages of athlete, the One Star expanded the All Star roster and complemented the 'Spalding' grassroots affinity for basketball.

Converse One Star

A much better street sneaker than backcourt violator, the One Star became holy grail objects of street-savvy types from all walks of life after disappearing from shelves barely a year after release. It would be another two decades before the lone star would be back in vogue.

Hip hop heads, skate crews and grunge rockers embraced the counterculture qualities espoused by a simple suede sneaker compared to the high-tech footwear race of the ‘90s. It was worn by all manner of underground sub-cultures that emerged around the Grunge music movement, VHS skate teams and associated cliques before receding into obscurity yet again.

Long-time supporters have since been teased with almost-there renditions of the One Star, reincarnated in skate shoe form under the CONS line flouting Lunarlon insoles and re-crafted uppers. The latest reincarnation heads straight to the 90's iterations that sported slub suede and bold, white contrasting accents.

Converse One Star

Diehard fans will remember the last round of properly original One Stars at Hype DC – the commemorative Kurt Cobain pack and be glad to see wreck havoc with another pair.


Converse One Star