So the Converse All Star / Chuck Taylor enters its 8th decade of ubiquity on the soles of our feet. Oh the stories it could tell. It's not uncommon for some footwear of the last 20 to 30 off years to gather an appeal and renaissance, especially if it were on the cusp of it's 20th anniversary of inception, however the Chuck taylor, or Converse All Star, is another example of the Star never fading no matter the history that it has witnessed in 70 odd years of existence.

Of this storied existence, the chapter concerning Andy Warhol and NYC in the 70s, finds the infamous Pop artist and creator, a unique platform for his artistic expression. In fact, the very first Warhol x Converse release was on the feet of the man himself. Amongst the artistic milieu of Warhol, his muses and creative debauchery, Warhol applied his artworks and screenprints on any canvas material - It just so happened the All Star was an easily and readily available form of canvas, to express his prints on - similarly they could be worn and adorned.

Fast forward almost 40 years later and Converse have re-initiated the process and application, this time taking the Campbell Soup print - by far the most mainstream and recognised print- of Warhols and emblazoning it, like a screenprint, on the splitcloth canvas of the All Star. Intuitively, this isn't the standard 21st century All Star as the base model, as Converse have elected to use the re-issued Chuck 70's (the timing is pertinent) to carry the textured uppers of Warhol Popism. Here, the features list reads alittle longer and includes vintage stitching, wider last with higher foxing and co-branded stamps on the thicker innersole with commemorative cross-brand stamping, nickel-plated eyelets and premium cotton laces. Dressed to a tee, these limited editions are available in-store and online HERE