In an era of creative abundance, we’re constantly stimulated by the style, content and personalities we see each day across social platforms. Diving sneakers first, Converse have sourced four creatives, each with their own signature look, to form a new platform of expression - Converse X.

Starting in Sydney, the Converse X line up is an extension of the brands ethos, voice and versatility. Four individuals have been carefully plucked to sport a timeless classic - the One Star.

This month, Hype DC caught up with Tara Chandra, one of the Star candidates, to bring you her exclusive Converse X story.

HYPE DC: You were recently invited to London to explore the Converse One Star Hotel. Tell us about that?
TARA: The Converse One Star Hotel was a 3-day pop-up ‘hotel' in Shoreditch, London. Converse flew Denilson(@_denilson_madeira), Tkay(@tkaymaidza) and myself to London to check out the hotel. The first day was an exclusive media day for all the hotel invitees. The second and third day was open to the public. Over the three days, we listened to a panel featuring Leo Mandella, ASAP Nast and Mimi Wade, we did a workshop with Paria Farzaneh where we designed a T-shirt using her A/W18 fabric cut-offs and screen-printed designs to match her hand-made One Stars, we got to view Mimi Wade’s Fashion Week presentation, explore the hotel and take as many photos as we wanted, meet some cool people who have collaborated with Converse, and every night they threw parties which were held in the basement featuring artists like Princess Nokia and Yung Lean. The One Star Hotel was a way of bringing the consumer, their inspiration and their idols all together in one place. (And no, it was not an actual hotel)

HYPE DC: Why are we seeing you on billboards and in Hype DC windows across Australia?
TARA: Over the past few months I have been working with Converse to create content, experiences and represent Converse X Australia. Myself and three other awesome Sydney-based creatives shot the newly released pastel One Stars which were put up around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane streets and in select Hype DC windows.

HYPE DC: What can you tell us about Converse X?
TARA: Converse X is essentially a Sydney-based collective of young and upcoming creatives who symbolise what Converse stands for.

HYPE DC: Describe your style in three words.
TARA: A complete mess (that somehow works out)


HYPE DC: Who films, edits and takes all your social content?
TARA: Most of my Instagram content is taken by whoever I am hanging out with on the day, or by using a self-timer. Everything is directed and edited by me. If I am shooting with a photographer, I will leave all the work up to them. My YouTube content is all me. I love editing videos!


HYPE DC: If you could create your own Converse shoe, what would it be, feel and look like?
TARA: Baby pink fluffy platform One Stars.


HYPE DC: What channels can we follow you on?
TARA: Instagram is my main platform - @tarachandra_. I also post on YouTube under the name 'Tara Chandra