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Ben Clement For Hype DC

19 July 2017 12:22:55 PM AEST

Ben Clement’s experience as a photographer spans over 10 years, from his homeland in Tairawhiti, Aotearoa N​ew​ ​Zealand ​to the urban metropolis of Melbourne. Ben’s style is recognized globally thanks to his pertinent lens on a range of themes and subjects. He also continues to push making Good Sport magazine with a team of people around the world. Ben is also the co-founder and captain of AM:PM.RC – a run-crew carving out trails in the heart of Melbourne. With a huge interest in Art, Design, Food and Environment/Sustainability concerns, Ben has a strong belief and urge to continually help people and create positive change, no matter the road.

What was your first pair of shoes?

Maybe not the first but a memorable pair were these black leather Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops that my Mum bought me for Basketball when I was about 8-9 years old. They were padded and thick, not like a normal chuck and had this unique air-bubble type thing in the sole and the leather wore in so well. It was such a classic b-ball shoe.

Now how about your worst pair of shoes?

This is subjective based on reminiscing back to certain times or phases. I remember my cousin gave me a pair of hand-me-down Vans Old-Skools when I first got into skating at 12 years old and I was too embarrassed to say they were second hand so I told all my friends they were a new style that had come out but then I got found out and laughed at.

Do you have any running rituals?

Every Tuesday I’m with my crew, it’s a ritual. I used to have more rituals when I ran solo but now not so much, my mindset has changed with running in the last year and it’s more about just having fun and exploring areas and not putting any pressure on it.

How did the formation of AM:PM:RC come about?

There are a few pivotal things that made it happen. Partly due to being in Tokyo working on a Nike campaign with the crew – AFE_Tokyo and then also my work with the Independent Photography Festival but as a main catalyst, myself, Nic and Dan were the driving force in deciding what it was and what it was going to be. It was very humble beginnings and we always try and hold onto what that is for us.

What does AM:PM:RC mean for the future of Run Clubs?

Clubs have been around for a while, that’s the old way of running. Crew running culture is totally different. We (AM:PM.RC) are a very small part of what’s going on in regards to the ‘Bridge The Gap’ movement but we aim to be a positive community and a solid foundation for like-minded people coming together. We hope that more crews with the right mindset to start here in Australia, but we fear the culture doesn’t get it yet so hopefully we can pave a good path for people.

Do you subscribe to the theory that Running is the millennial equivalent to taking up Golf?

For me, running is my punk rock. It’s what skateboarding and punk music gave me. Community, belonging, purpose and drive. As well as crew culture being completely against the grain of the norm.

How do you achieve such a unique tone and personality with Good Sport Magazine?

I think the main thing is looking at and being aware of what else is going on and breaking it down and aiming to do and be the point of difference. In regards to its voice and tone, a lot of it is personal experience and knowledge of both the team and myself that make-up what the magazine is about. You could get 5 other people to make a magazine called Good Sport and it would naturally be very different to what we are doing. It’s all about the people.

What’s next for Good Sport?

Issue 03

If you could only run in one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, which pair (past or present) would you choose?

If I had better legs, as in if I didn’t pronate so much, I’d just run in Nike Zoom Streaks or Flyknit Racers all day but I gotta keep that structure so anything in the world of a Nike Vomero. But! To be honest, I actually want a shoe that is understated and completely environmentally beneficial and sustainable. That new adidas Parlay shoe looks tight!

Stay tuned for more of Ben's work to be unveiled over the coming weeks as he captures Nike's latest 'Fast Pack' in motion.