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Left Foot Right Foot

11 October 2017 3:32:34 PM AEDT

In the growing world of mediated experiences through temporal devices and the like, it's refreshing to come across a clan of individuals still married to the great outdoors. As a small group, Left Foot Right Foot (LFRF) have made an immersive visual mark on the recording and documenting of nature's beauty. Describing with words and pictures, hikes, mountain climbs and walks that evolve into guides for others, LFRF are modern day trailblazers. Equipped with camera in hand, founder and head-honcho Max Blackmore took a day away from the road to divulge his talents in providing honest accounts of his (and his friends) experiences outside the city walls and spreading them across the globe.

How did the formation of Left Foot Right Foot come about?

I first broached the idea with friends while on a two and a half month east coast road trip. We found it real difficult to sift through all the tourist trap maps, websites and bland information on hikes, campsites and nature while we were travelling around. It got me thinking that there should be an online database of every trail trekked with photos that actually show you how beautiful these places are. With that LFRF was born. It's grown from there thanks to the amazing support and generosity from all our contributors, photographers and writers who have been keen to get involved in the community and help it thrive.

What are the key ingredients that go into creating a trail report/guide?

I think a personal approach to the explanation and the photography makes our guides a lot more relatable and engaging than a lot of written articles and books out there.

Besides putting together comprehensive guides, what else does Left Foot Right Foot set out to achieve?

I hope that we have helped create some awareness about how much our environment needs help. I also hope we have inspired at least one person to get out into nature.

LFRF have covered world renowned areas such as Everest and shortly Yosemite. What complexities have been involved in taking your vision global?

Mainly finding people that are keen or have travelled these areas and are also keen to collaborate with us.

Do you have any hiking rituals?

Pretty much always having cameras, packing as light as possible and a coffee in the morning after an overnight trip.

You’ve got a segment on the website entitled ‘MacGyvers’ that appears to be an aggregation of hiking hacks. What’s the origin behind this?

Yeah basically they are just funny tricks that are helpful when your out in the bush, a lot of them are more funny than useful but I loved the comparison to “Macgyver” and his paper clip and string approach to life.

If you could only hike in one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, which pair (past or present) would you choose?

Nike Blazer low tops. Not a hiking shoe or ideal for every situation but they have never given me a blister.

Can you share with us memories of one of your first pairs of shoes?

Yeah! When I was a teenager I really wanted a pair of Andrew Reynolds pro model Emericas, they were dirt brown colour, suede and comfy as hell. I only ever got to own them briefly before tearing them apart trying to backflip. In retrospect, they were really ugly, 90s as pair of shoes but I loved them and blame them for the hundreds of pairs of skate shoes I've gone through over the years.

Can you recall your worst pair of shoes ?

Every pair of Globes I ever had the misfortune of owning.

Is there one hike you would choose to walk the rest of your life?

Anywhere in Tasmania. It's the most amazing environment.

What’s next for LFRF?

Getting out as much as possible and more collaborations.

Stay tuned for more from LFRF as they set out to capture Nike's latest Pinnacle Utility Pack in the Great Outdoors.