Huarache folklore exists. There has probably never been a more storied/ fabled history around a Nike running silhouette as this neoprene, synthetics and Phylon concoction. Now around for another cycle of stock and new colours for the die-hard, cult following, it seems like an appropriate time to share that this heavily hyped and popular sneaker was once upon a time, just being sold from the boot of a car...

Air Max series design language and latest releases. As well as spec models such as the Air Safari etc, the Huarache proved the first design Hatfield sought to deconstruct the running silhouette with. After seeing water skiing booties with their unique fit and framework, Hatfield felt inspired to lay new ground work for his foot-hugging, deconstructed sneaker. What followed from paper to store shelf involved some classic Nike folklore that reminds us just how unpredictably revolutionary the shoe was.

The story goes that Hatfield had opposition in the Nike Marketing dept. and he sought to overcome it. To spruik the tangible benefits of the shoe, they needed to prove that it was a viable running silhouette - that runners would want to run in it- that its performance would outshine its difficulty to market as a radical departure from traditional footwear lines and execution. Unfortunately poor sales in the beginning saw the model cancelled. Enter, a 'maverick marketing man' who had other ideas. He produced 5000 pairs of the sin-binned sneaker, threw them in the boot of his car and went to the New York City Marathon. They sold out in 2 days and a 250,000 order followed while the rest, as they say, is history. An empty car boot and numerous marathoners with a Swooshless sneaker stuck to their foot had just run off into Nike history

The latest season of Huaraches for Men and Women are now available online and in-store.