7 February 2017 9:43:30 AM AEDT

DEADSTOCK: An artistic exploration into the world of sneakers and the importance of their place in youth culture.

The Art of Sneaker Culture was on display at 'Deadstock' Melbourne last Friday night. Works by the Hype DC affiliated Kyle Adams (@kadams_art), Andre Djossou (@kodjowild) and Liamme Cardinal (@sheluvsmenot_), were on show at No Vacancy's Federation Square Atrium. Tracing the intricacies and distinct beauty of sneaker classics - new and old - the exhibition not only sold their talents in penmanship but their creative nous as well. In supporting this artistic tribute to kicks and with thanks to our friends at PUMA and Acclaim, we were lucky enough to capture this one-off intersection of Art, sneakers, free beer, and beats - peep the gallery below.

View the full gallery via ACCLAIM