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Footballers Touch Vol. 2 With LOCALFC

6 May 2016 4:13:13 PM AEST

Presenting the 'Footballers Touch Vol. 2' with Chad Gibson of LOCALFC

Harnessing the vision, knowledge and creativity of LOCALFC, we present a unique view of Nike F.C's innovations at work; from champions on the field on the biggest stage to footwear of the everyday pursuit. With a focus on Nike's latest technology minded silhouettes and material revolutions such as Flyknit, explore the possibilities through the lense of LOCALFC.

As Euro16 approaches and the European summer awaits. Nike Sportswear have released the All Blanc (WHITE) version of the Free Flyknit Mercurial. As Will Smith always takes us into 'SUMMERTIME': "Hustle to the mall to get me a kit set, Yeah I got on sneaks but I need a new pair, Cause Football courts in the summer got girls there." The perfect summer kick all blanc clean, fresh and new. As the Euros kick off in June, LOCALFC will be there to capture the special European summer. The home of the merging world of football lifestyle, where football meets fashion. Paris is for the cool kids when it come to football culture. Mercurials on my feet and the French away kit on my back. Football Sartorialist at its best. -LOCALFC