Hidden away in the labyrinth of bustling alleyways in Cremorne, Hunted+Gathered is a beautiful Melbourne café that’s become a favourite among many of our team at Hype DC. Their award-winning chocolate creations represent their minimalist approach to craftsmanship, refining recipes to explore the depths and flavours of the cacao bean while only including the absolute necessary ingredients.

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Hunted+Gathered to create an exclusive chocolate bar available with any purchase at select Hype DC stores (while stocks last). Read our interview with the chocolate atelier as we explore the inspiration behind the exciting brand.

What is the core philosophy behind H+G?
We believe that the simplest things are generally the best, and usually taste the best too. We place an emphasis on considering small details to create things that we are proud of.

What drew the H+G team towards this infatuation with the cacao bean?
We started making chocolate for ourselves at home because there wasn't anything in the market that appealed to us. We wanted a chocolate with minimal ingredients that also gave customers an insight into where each element came from, so that’s what we did. Our friends and family loved our early creations, so we decided to start Hunted+Gathered to share our chocolate with everyone else. 

What do you think is the single biggest misconception people have about chocolate?
Consumer education around ethical sourcing of cacao is something that’s being overlooked. For our cacao beans to qualify for H+G, the whole process needs to be transparent. We want to ensure that all the co-ops we import beans from support the individual farmers with fair incomes, good work conditions and use sustainable practices.

Your Cremorne location is an impressive factory where you create all things H+G. Why did you decide to create this space and open it to the public?
We created the factory so we could have our own space to experiment and produce all the chocolate in-house. In 2017, we decided to apply the notion of transparency to our own methods and opened up the space to the public so customers could experience the inner-workings of our factory. When you visit Hunted+Gathered, you can see the chocolate being made from start to finish each day.

Sneakers and chocolate. Why did you decide to work with Hype DC for a special Valentine’s Day project?
We paired with HYPE DC as we feel both our customers appreciate an exclusive, premium and quality-made product.

Tell us more about the Hype DC x H+G chocolate.
For the Hype DC chocolate we wanted to create something different to our current range. We had some complex floral-honey from Tasmania which we thought would pair nicely with our Dominican 70% chocolate. We used this honey to create a honeycomb which adds a sweet, satisfying crunch to the bar, perfect for Valentine's Day.

If we follow up this one with another project, what flavours and ingredients would you like to explore next time?
We would like to explore the use of a savoury ingredient and possibly incorporate a protein to align with the sporting element in some of Hype DC’s footwear.

valentines day chocolate hunted+gathered

Shop in-store at Hype DC this Valentine’s Day to receive a block of our exclusive Hunted+Gathered dark organic chocolate with every purchase. Limited stock available from 14.2.19 at select stores:

  • NSW: Pitt St Mall, QVB, Mid City

  • VIC: QVM, Emporium, Swanston Street

  • QLD: Albert Street, Pacific Fair

  • WA: Carillon, Claremont

  • SA: Rundle Mall