Good Sport is a magazine out of left field. Conceptualised and created to flip the script, the magazine shows an uncompromising pursuit of originality, integrity and quality content. With a vision to connect and inspire at the heart of the 'zine, we have teamed up with Good Sport to celebrate our supporters.

Q1. What is Good Sport and the history behind it?

Good Sport is a sport–culture platform that showcases people and ideas through sport. We care much more about what an NBA All-Star is eating at halftime than what the score is. And we would rather know what Serena Williams is listening to in her warm-up or workout than exactly how many titles she has won (hint: it’s a lot). We look to give people a platform to share and tell their stories openly and to champion people, teams, and events across an equal playing field. We are online as well as in print, always coming out of leftfield, always highlighting connection and community before contracts and course records.

Ben Clement and James Whiting run Good Sport out of Melbourne, Australia. It is designed by Tristan Ceddia from NeverNow (also in Melbourne) and with our editor Tim Leeson residing in South Africa, and an ever-expanding network of great mates and collaborators all over the world who without - Good Sport would not exist.

Q2. What role do sneakers and footwear play within the GS brand?

Beyond some friendly studio competition to see who’s wearing what and where they got it, I think we both come from and have been so informed by sub–cultures that have such prominent and impactful relationships with footwear. Skateboarding, basketball, even running now is having a bit of a new moment with its place in the sneaker world and the world in general. We both spent our fair share of childhood nights sleeping in pairs of sneakers that we managed to get our hands on. Not sure we would be the people we are today if we hadn’t!

Just as we believe art and culture are parallel with sport. Sneakers also go hand in hand with sport. They are these things that define so much about what sport means to us and many others. They can help tell stories or help define style.

Q3. What is Issue 04 about and what does it represent?

Issue 04 centers particularly around the notion of community and the plethora of ways it can be an incredible device for growth, connection, problem solving and the expression of ideas. If you strip away the more literal layers of the term’s common connotations, you are simply left with the matter of how things come together; experiences, ingredients, pieces of clothing – this simple prompt became our square-one to then make the next installment of the magazine.

Q4. What is a key article from Issue 04?

Key is a tricky term to apply to such a range of stories, but one that we think really resonates with us on many levels is the one that appears first on the cover is Sample CM: Grand Bassin. Without giving too much away, it is a conversation with Margot Charbonnier the founder of Berlin-based fashion label Sample CM. The way that she approaches, interrogates, and remixes the devices of sport and sport-culture through a language of clothing is really fascinating and speaking to her really informed and expanded some of our own thinking.

Another is based around the Amsterdam based brand Patta and their youth programme called the Patta Youngsters. They bring together a group of young people from a range of different backgrounds and take them on a journey through running. They get treated like professional athletes - from training to the latest shoe tech. In the end they get to enter and finish a half-marathon race. Of course, it is more than running and a lot of life skills are learnt through the process.

Q5. What differentiates GS from other sports and lifestyle magazines?

We would like to think that a lot of things do, but first and foremost we hope it would be our voice of curiosity and angular thinking. Dodging the obvious and unpacking old ideas in new ways. Rethinking how and where the sport-life overlap really lies, and then expressing this in stories of our own, as well as stories that engage with people and places that we strongly feel exemplify that intersection.

Also, because we treat the magazine like an experiment it leaves us open to new ideas and new perspectives and to not follow a linear way of doing things. We believe it is important to listen to other people, sport and everything around cannot just be our voices as it is made up of so many different ones. It is exciting to listen and to then be able to present those things for people to digest.

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