Monique Robinson is a student and artist who believes in breaking down gender stereotypes and ideologies A cursory glance at Monique’s Instagram paints a pretty picture. Monique’s a student, artist and in her spare time also tries her hand at gardening, film photography and making Super 8 videos. But there’s more to this Sydney local than what’s on the surface. She’s more than another creative with an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

Monique is about to complete an Honours Degree in Interior Architecture at the University of New South Wales. And it’s this background and attention to detail that’s led Monique to launch Locker Room – a creative platform where she showcases her object, furniture, and lighting design. Most of which takes the form of unique, handmade ceramic pieces.

“Focusing on and learning about all things interior at uni has increased my interest in the finer details of a space, such as set design and furniture, object and lighting design".

“Allowing myself to work in a physical manner, building and making with my hands is something I have been working on in the last year. I’ve been dabbling with different mediums and materials, to explore the form and function of an object of which is intended to impact and transform a space,” explains Monique.

As for how she came up with the name Locker Room, Monique explains: “The name came about as I sat in the ceramic studio at 9pm on a Friday night, aimlessly staring at a Locker, slightly ajar and filled with a mix-match of ceramic treasures. This is basically a representation of what I want Locker Room to be.”

When asked about the biggest issue facing women today, Monique answers, “I can’t speak to all issues but I can speak to an issue that has affected me personally – body and self-image. To combat this issue, I’d simply say self-love.”

We discussed this year’s International Women’s Day theme #EachforEqual and how Monique thinks individuals can make small changes to work towards a gender-equal society. She believes it’s all about breaking down preconceived notions around gender roles.

“Deconstructing existing ideologies of the capabilities and qualities of women and men,” says Monique

As for where she sees herself in five years?

“Living in Cable Bay in New Zealand, or on the Island of Vis in Croatia, or Vardia Beach in Folegandros, Greece with a small studio by the water where I can work. Or in Barcelona, Spain working for Cobalto Studio, or New York working for BDDW or Green River Project LLC, that would be mighty fine too.”

We’ll be following her journey and we’re expecting big things to come in the future.

Peep Monique’s extremely aesthetically pleasing Instagram here and get inspired by her creative projects here.