LIMIT'D Editions: KLLO

19 May 2017 2:02:02 PM AEST

“It's quite refreshing to be in a whole new space...doing something you love and being able to experience other places with it, there's nothing more you could ask for.”

Kllo, formerly known as Klo, did what many people avoid doing and took an extra L. It was for the sake of their Google image results, though, as they found out 'Klo' is actually German slang for 'toilet'. With global domination in mind Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam made the necessary change and haven't looked back. The Melbourne duo have since released their signature UK garage and R&B tinged electronica on Ghostly International. The cousins, who were never all that close, started making music off the back of a suggestion from their mothers. Their first time performing was at Simon's mother's 50th birthday party. It wasn't quite the story you'd expect from a pair bringing their music to stages across the UK and Europe all before the release of their debut album, but speaks volumes about their natural chemistry.

Watch the video below - produced by our friends from ACCLAIM.

KLLO wear the New Balance 247