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LIMIT'D Editions: REMI

14 July 2016 2:21:03 PM AEST

"It feels like it’s a diary…my experience in the last two years, in terms of relationship stuff, race stuff, political observations and mental health … you can hear that it’s my brain, lyrically”

REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J have always been about making music with a purpose. In 2014 their politically charged debut album Raw x Infinity made a name for them as one of Australia’s most interesting musical acts. REMI’s music is all about truth, which means not shying away from issues like race or sexism. After two years in the works REMI’s second album 'Divas and Demons' will be out this September and promises to be just as charged as the last.

Watch the video below - produced by our friends from ACCLAIM.

REMI wears the New Balance 009

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