Founded in Boston in 1906, NB stays true to its heritage by continuing manufacturing across five facilities in America. New Balance’s 75 years of domestic manufacturing is distilled in every pair of Made in USA shoes assembled in their New England factories. Constructed with the finest materials by passionate craftsmen, the result is the highest quality sneakers you can find at Hype DC.

Experience Made In USA

The manufacturing process behind every pair of New Balance 990v5 perfectly represents a company that is both steeped in tradition while still constantly evolving. Each 990v5 takes shape over three hours, painstakingly constructed by over 30 people using a combination of traditional techniques that leverages the preciseness of modern technology. Hype DC followed the four key steps that create the 990v5 during our visit to the New Balance Lawrence factory in Massachusetts.

While modern machinery analyses and cuts down the synthetic elements, expert cutters inspect each unique leather hide to ensure the best parts are used in the most efficient way possible. During this stage, each individual component that will make up the upper is collated in preparation for assembly. Logos, tongue kits and other more complex parts are also prepared.

Factory associates operate complex machines that stitch every layer together to form the upper. Each operator has 22.5 seconds to ensure each pass is stitched on successfully without fault, assisted by yellow templates that allow precise assembly.

Traditional craftsmanship enters the process during the “closing” phase where the shoe takes shape via hand-stitching methods. New Balance takes pride in having the best shoemakers in the world, and most of them honed their skills hand-stitching. Regular quality-checks and extensive training ensure precise results.

The stitched upper is paired with its sole unit and bonded together through a chemical process using heat and pressure. Finally, the shoes are transported to a bench where cosmetic touch-ups and final preparations are completed before they are boxed up and shipped out. Every shoe that leaves this factory goes through a seven-step inspection to guarantee each pair meets New Balance’s quality requirements.