If you get restless indoors and crave all things adventure, you’ll be pleased to know that our latest addition, Salomon, is the perfect fit for you in more ways than one.

Established in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps, the beginnings of the Salomon history were in ski manufacturing and a strong passion for the mountains and outdoor sports. A workshop in downtown Annecy would kick off Salomon's impact on the adventure community for the next century.

Perhaps the first of its impacts was the Salomon binding dubbed ‘Le Lift’, replacing traditional leather binding and making its debut during the 1966 Olympic circuit.

Now, over 70 years since inception, the brand’s history is consistently prevalent in every flawless design, from the XA Pro 3d to the fresh arrival of the Black Edition S/LAB Snowcross, while still eagerly looking to the future.

The Salomon brand was and continues to be driven by its passion for outdoor sports, craftsmanship and ever-evolving technologies, which in turn offer all the gear and every idea for your next outdoor challenge

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking snow addict or have a proclivity for hiking, as long as you love breathing in mother nature’s air and lapping up experience, you’ll likely turn to Salomon's utilitarian footwear for long-lasting support throughout your adventures.

Long considered one of the premier hiking and trail running shoes on the market, streetwear and tech enthusiasts adopt Salomon shoes for their high-performance materials and rugged outdoor pedigree.

Their innovative solutions create unparalleled footwear with progressive gear to tackle any trail, mountain or adventure. Salomon remain masters of blurring the line between practicality, active footwear and cutting-edge streetwear, and if you’re unfamiliar with the underground favourite, you simply haven’t been keeping the right company.