Whether you consider them sandals, jandals or flip-flops, there’s no denying that a style of footwear typically reserved for outdoorsy nomads more interested in comfort than aesthetic is going mainstream.

The Teva history is an interesting and logistical one. The roots of Teva date back to 1984 when a Grand Canyon river guide used two velcro watchbands on an old pair of flip flops to create a shoe that wouldn’t float away.

It makes sense then that the Teva brand emulates nomadic adventure and utility with every style.

Three decades later, there’s no mistaking a free-spirited Teva. The versatile shoe has morphed into an icon in every sense of the word and should be worn with every conviction.

Those who aren’t naturally adventurous will book a three-month trek as soon as their feet are securely strapped in place - you simply can’t fight the persuasive force of such established footwear.

Oh, and those iconic straps that make a Teva a Teva? They’re now all made using 100% recycled plastic because it wouldn’t make sense if a brand all about taking in the world’s glory didn’t love the world back by reducing its impact.

Making its grand entrance at Hype DC, it would be understandable if your first instinct was to leave your ragged old sneakers at the door. You simply won’t need them once you’ve got a pair of Tevas to complement every look.