The Air Force 1 is an iconic component of Nike DNA. When describing it's legacy of form and function, it's no surprise that it has remained in constant production and inventory since it's inception in 1982 - although this wasn't always the case. It was being threatened off the shelves after its debut release due to declining sales after selling well during its debut shelf life. A consortium of Baltimore retailers that saw it's immediate impact on the streets and courts of Maryland, sought an audience with Nike to halt the decline and to conjure a plan to keep it in circulation. Born was the 'Colour of the Month' collection, a program that saw Nike produce and release a new, unique colourway of the Air Force 1 High every month, to be sold through select Baltimore doors only. In recognition of this catalyst moment in time, Nike have re-released the original colourways of the monthly program. Captured here in supple leather with vintage nylon accents and a heritage cut Swoosh, this Quickstrike release is back for a limited time only.