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On Air: Demas Rusli

8 March 2017 2:09:10 PM AEDT

To coincide with Hype DC's exclusive Nike Air Max Day 2017 Celebrations, we've commissioned the visual talents of photographer and artist, Demas Rusli for a unique visual installation at our flagship Pitt Street Mall store in Sydney. Serving as our only location nationwide releasing the Air Max 1 'Master', Air Max 1 'Atmos' and Vapormax drops this March, our Pitt St store will realise Rusli's vision, with mind-trick imagery adept at capturing the weightlessness of Nike Air. Before the installation goes live on March 17th, we caught up with Demas to introduce his individual process, #globalnightsquad initiatives and affinity for Air Max...

"I try to question what is real and what is unreal and aim to make the impossible possible through my photography"

How would you describe your intent as a Photographer?

My intent as a photographer is to see as much of the world as possible and capture it in unique and creative ways that not many people have done before. I try to question what is real and what is unreal and aim to make the impossible possible through my photography and editing.

Creatively and technically, what inspires your method of Photography?

The people I follow on Instagram and the friends I have made through photography inspire me creatively every day! Every time I see an interesting concept, I try to use it as inspiration for my future images. Technically, I think what has inspired me most has been studying architecture and working in an architecture firm full-time. This has helped me develop my compositional skills and editing skills (using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) as well!

demas rusli photography

"For me, the definitive Air Max shoe is something that I can wear everyday wherever I’m going."

In the age of Social Media’s urgency and immediacy, what role does your Instagram account play for yourself and the wider community as a whole?

I try to use my Instagram account to inspire people to get out there and pursue what they love to do. I’ve always used my Instagram account as a means to showcase my photography and creativity. A few friends and I run an account called @globalnightsquad where we host night photography walks around the city, with the aim being to create a network and community of photographers who can all learn and grow from each other. So far, we have hosted these night photo walks in Sydney, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur and soon Melbourne!

What is it that draws you to the cult of Air Max?

The Nike Air Max silhouette is so rich in history and goes way back to the roots of street culture! I think this is what draws me to the Air Max shoes, knowing that I can also be a part of this ongoing legacy and history!

With Nike celebrating the 30th Anniversary of visible Air, what do you consider the essential ingredients of a definitive Air Max shoe?

For me, the definitive Air Max shoe is something that I can wear everyday wherever I’m going, so it must be both comfortable and stylish at the same time! Nike never disappoints in these departments!

demas rusli photography

Amongst the advent of Flyknit, bewitching tech of HyperAdapt, and the imminent release of Vapormax, what do you imagine as the next leap from Nike’s Innovation kitchen?

Nike is always pushing the innovation boundaries when it comes to sneakers and sportswear! I really loved the Flyknit Air Max 1’s (‘The Lightest Ones’) as they were so comfortable and lightweight! The recent release of the HyperAdapt was a huge step into the future and I know for sure that whatever Nike do next will again challenge the current norm!

If you had your hand at reworking an Air Max silhouette, what components or features would you incorporate in your design?

I’ve been looking forward to the release of the Vapormax for a while now so if I was designing my own Air Max silhouette, I would have the Vapormax soles with an all Flyknit sock-like top! Of course, because I work in the architecture industry, I love the colour black so I would go for a triple-black colourway!


demas rusli photography


All Images & Photography by Demas Rusli