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6IX GEARS: Alex Drewniak

24 August 2017 2:50:10 PM AEST

Name: Alex Drewniak
City: Melbourne
Pursuit: Photographer/Videographer
Style: Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer

What motivates you to get out of Bed in the morning?

Two things get me out of bed in the morning: light and music. The second I stir, I need natural light on my face, it gives me authentic energy and some kind of immediate reality. I sleep so deep, and often wakeup disorientated. If you have the heater on, and the sun is out (even If it's freezing outside) you can almost pretend you’re somewhere warmer.

Music is there to set my mood. I can be a little temperamental in the A.M, so I get some really good jams on. Chance The Rapper “Blessings”, Bill Withers, “Lovely Day”, INXS, “Need You Tonight” are my go to. Obviously coffee follows.

How do you balance work/life in a fast paced city?

Well firstly, get the word tattooed on your arm so you stare at it everyday as a visual reminder, making you accountable to yourself- to really strive for that. The hustle for creative success, integrity and to develop yourself as an individual and your craft becomes quite obsessive at times. You sacrifice sleep, downtime and time spent with loved ones. My chill is listening to music, reading about photography/ podcasts and researching other artists. On holidays, my camera is always on hand too. I don’t know how to live without it now. This passion has definitely rewarded me. I’ve shot some amazing large scale events, John Newman and Ellie Goulding at the 02 Arena in London is a highlight. I’ve toured the US and Europe with artists, shot large EDM festivals- I froth on light/ production/ artist interaction/ reading a situation, high pressure stuff. Backstage MBFWA for Vogue was also awesome- same deal, it's all about timing, reading the light, picking the moment and staying out of everyones way. The way I balance, is by eating healthy and exercising. It keeps me sane. I run, I box and I'm vegetarian.

Where are you going to next?

Even though the plans and goals in my head are astronomical, they are all defined by the same little things. I want to be respectful to the industry I work in and other creatives. I want to collaborate with like-minded people. I want to tell stories, shoot with purpose and add value to our ultra disposable industry rather than support the two second bullshit post. That’s it. Shoot as much music as possible and travel the world doing so, because it's awesome meeting new people and having things put in perspective.


Shot By Ben Clement | Styled by Abbie Bennett