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6IX GEARS: Allie Webb

14 August 2017 5:33:43 PM AEST

Name: Allie Webb
City: Sydney
Pursuit: Artist/Printmaker
Style: Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer

What motivates you to get out of Bed in the morning?

Well, usually I wake up to the sound of a clumsy bush turkey slamming onto our tin roof as soon as the sun appears. They like to sleep high in the trees and can't fly very well. Next up, is definitely the smell of hot coffee I haven’t made, or ever make, much to the annoyance of my partner. Such a boring answer, but definitely gets me moving, and is standard routine. At about 6.30am I’ll go straight to my studio which is also where I live. I like to write a list as soon as I wake up for motivation. Crossing off things on the list gives me great satisfaction come night. I work best in an intense period from early to late morning and always enjoy this time to myself.

How do you balance work/life in a fast paced city?

I’m terrible at balancing work/life. While working towards my first exhibition with China Heights Gallery. I pretty much stayed in my studio for 5 months working intense, long hours and then enjoyed short bursts of letting off steam with friends. I find my work is quite consuming and find it hard to switch off. Having the bars and restaurants with Swillhouse means I’m always thinking of new ideas for the venues and new material for my linocuts. Anton and I spend a lot of time together and work well creatively. We love going out to restaurants around the world looking for inspiration.

Where are you going to next?

I'm hanging the show at China Heights Gallery. I’m so excited for this exhibition! We are opening a new bar at Restaurant Hubert called ‘Bridge Bon Appetit’ in a couple of weeks. After that I’m travelling around Australia and collecting new material for some linocuts.


Shot By Ben Clement | Styled by Abbie Bennett