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6IX GEARS: Fortunes

22 August 2017 2:38:46 PM AEST

Name: Fortunes (Barnaby & Conor)
City: Melbourne
Pursuit: Singer/Songwriters
Style: Nike Duel & Dualtone Racer

What motivates you to get out of Bed in the morning?

Barnaby: Gotta get the cash. I got a job Monday-to-Friday that I gotta get up early for and I usually don’t have time to double check that I’ve got my keys. But if I’ve got the day off, I like to go put a little music on, something chill like some Al Green, take my time making a banging coffee for me and my lady love, maybe whip up some poached eggs if I’m feeling culinary. Sets me up good and proper.

Conor: I'm terrible, I'd literally stay in bed all day if I could. I know I must not do this though because I'll just get super sad about my life. Lately I've been preparing bircher muesli for myself at night so breakfast isn't a mission. Coffee definitely helps too. If I'm not feeling so cute I will shave my head and put together a new outfit or something.

How do you balance work/life in a fast paced city?

Barnaby: I’m super lucky to have a job that let’s me work half days. So I smash out a few hours in the mornings and can be home by around midday to work on music related stuff. I cycle to work to cancel out the beers from the previous night, and try to swing past this little callisthenics park every other day on the way home and get some quick musclebro sets in. I feel like shit otherwise. Rest of the time is pretty much all music focused, which is cool because I love it, but I also don’t get out that much unless we’re playing shows or touring or whatever.

Conor: Not sure if I've quite found this balance yet. Work is inconsistent and I get real addicted to watching TV shows. I love going away for shows and what not. I get super focused and in it. At home though, I just feel normal and do what I feel like.

Where are you going to next?

Barnaby: Just working on writing songs - potentially for an album that could be coming out at some point maybe.

Conor: Just slowly, steady working on the album really. Don't want to rush too much because I will get regrets.


Shot By Ben Clement | Styled by Abbie Bennett