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6IX GEARS: Wilhelm Philipp

15 August 2017 2:01:17 PM AEST

Name: Wilhelm Philipp
City: Melbourne
Pursuit: Photographer
Style: Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer

What motivates you to get out of Bed in the morning?

The want to create gets me out of bed in the morning or meeting with other artists wanting / looking to collaborate. Always working on something, whether it be physical work (shooting, editing) or thought process of ideas and execution.

Morning rituals include waking up, heading straight to the shower, blasting music. After I dry myself off and getting dressed I head downstairs to my working spot / dining table. I always start off the day with at least 2 bananas. I usually will be on the bus heading to the city or at home working on photo/video work.

How do you balance work/life in a fast paced city?

This is my first year living off freelancing, because of this I dedicate most of, if not all of my time to my craft. Luckily for me I have been able to find a balance of my work also coinciding with the things I love in my life (people, music, events, etc.). Of course there are sacrifices that come with the lifestyle, nothing comes to you without having to give something else up. In some way or another my craft does reward the effort and energy I put into it, you are the one who makes the opportunities happen.

Where are you going to next?

The horizon will be more shows, bigger bodies of work, expansion of skills sets and ideas, developing abstract techniques and executions and being around people I love and cherish.

In terms of actual work, I have my first ever solo show ‘Selling You The Dream’ which will be exhibiting for one night only sometime in September. The body of work will include a zine, t-shirt, and video.


Shot By Ben Clement | Styled by Abbie Bennett